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July 2013

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Good News World

Oh dear...

To preface this let me just say that I LOVE Paul McDermott, have since before the days of DAAS, right through the original incarnations of GNW on ABC and Strictly Dancing, a show I didn't think I would enjoy, but Paul and the Commentary team of Lex and Angela made it all worth while, The Sideshow, which I thought was bloody amazing, and of course GNW on Ten.

When I heard that they were going to do a 'do over' of GNW I was a bit worried, and it seems I was right to be.

It just doesn't work and it should, I mean we have Mikey, Claire, and with the new additions of Cal Wilson, Tom Gleeson and Randy and Sammy J it should have been awesome. But it wasn't, Paul looked lost sitting by himself at the desk, the crosses to the 'reporters' fell flat, Tom Gleeson's bit on the shares was mildly amusing. The funniest bits of the show were provided by Randy and Sammy J, who in my opinion stole the show with their skit on carbon credits, and the song, the song was awesome, The Phantom Of The Lodge.

The absolute shockers IMHO were anything with Akmal in it, the man is NOT funny in the slightest, he has no sense of timing and his humour seems to consist on letting his mouth run on and on. I turn the sound down when he is on, and sadly the other shocker was Paul's song, singing about Tony Abbot in his speedos, just NO.

We didn't see enough of Mikey, Claire or Cal.

Paul's talents lie in sparking off others, which is why him sitting at the desk on his own does not work, he needs to have the others around him, especially Mikey, they have worked together for so long that Mikey knows just what to say to get Paul going.

I was sadly sadly underwhelmed, I wanted to like this show so much, but unless it improves with next weeks show, then I guess I'll be switching the channel to watch repeats of Castle or CSI: Miami.



Can't agree more, I was disappointed also. I was hoping for a Skithouse meets Chaser-esque show, and while I am all for political satire, I feel Good News World fell well short with clichéd and rather old hat material.

Another thing you touched on here was the formula - Good News Week worked so well because it wasn't entirely scripted. A lot of these comedians' strengths lie in improv (which is where Paul & Mikey play off one another so well, and when I do find Akmal funny) and it was that element that played off their brilliance in GNW.

I am willing to give it another few weeks also, but I do hope they bring back Good News Week at *some* point, because it would be a damn shame to lose that show.
I described Paul's desk as bigger than God's scrotum.

The crosses kept ending before the glaringly obvious punchline most set up.

Akmal doesn't work as the Auguste clown in a three man routine. Delivering *scripted* cheesy non-sequiturs is beneath him.

It was very forgettable. Which is a crying shame.

We need a good sketch comedy, there are a wealth of commercial and political memes crying out for a good slapping with an inflated pigs bladder, but this is not the team to deliver it.

Was I the only one who felt the Paul and Randy at the desk sequence was actually reliving some kind of drug trip while watching a Bert and Ernie routine on Sesame St.
I agree with everything you've said here. Keep Sammy J & Randy and get rid of almost everything else. I would actually pay to see a Sammy J & Randy get their own TV sitcom a la Lano & Woodley. XD

I think the main problem I had with the show was that it all felt so forced and scripted. People watch GNW for the spontaneous silliness you get when you throw a bunch of comedians together in the same room. This is not that.

Also I heard from the taping that apparently this Good News World is only going to be a 12 part series to finish off the year and that regular GNW will return next year. :)
Oh god, I hope so...

Though I am not sure I can sit through another 11 eps of World.