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July 2013

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The nose that knows

cherry_pizza in tv_australia

Just watching last night's Neighbours, the first time I've watched the show in months...

I see Karl and Susan sentimentally looking at slides from fond days past, then suddenly erupt into fits of "The marriage is over!"

So... what is going on with those two? Why were they locked into a room with a slide projector and why is their marriage 'over' yet again?


Susan befriended (? or maybe they were already friends) this guy at the hospital who was dying. Karl had planned a trip to Peru for him & Susan but she decided to put it off to stay with the dying guy (he had no family) until the end of his life. Karl got jealous and somehow interfered with things so that Susan wasn't at the hospital when the friend died.

Susan was understandably angry with Karl. She went away for a while to some beach house and Karl went to get her back but apparently they decided to divorce. Since then they've still been living together and Mal has been with them. He's married but has been seeing Jade from over the road. Karl knew and for a while Susan thought Karl was sleeping with Jade a la Izzy & Sarah and she got jealous.

Some of that may be a little inaccurate. I don't watch every night and I'm not sure how they got locked up with the projector.
Before they took Mal to the airport he was going through old stuff. So
He wanted to chuck it all out but Susan & Karl decided to take it to their storage unit on the way back from the airport. When they got there Toadies had gone to the men's shed to get Christmas lights and he parked alongside the container & blocked them in. Then someone apparently blocked him in so he took Kyle's ute who was at the men's shed being naughty with Jade :)
I want to know what happened when the principal busted Summer cheating in her exam?

But somehow she passed?