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Aussie Television

(sleiphnir says boo to bert!)

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Looking for somewhere to talk about your favourite tv shows ? Tired of finding tv communities that are full of people talking about episodes WAY ahead of the one you just saw ?

well then this is the community for you!

This community isn't just for talk about tv shows that are aussie related - feel free to talk about any tv shows that were on, are on, or will be on australian television.

No matter how lame the tv show is we'll discuss it - there's always a fan here.

We've got rules now!

1. Please do not advertise or promote your website or community here (unless they're somehow related to television shows, or some other way australian tv related), also please do not post quiz results here - honestly, no one really cares what kind of kiss/dog/animal/colour you are.

2. Please try and keep all spoilers behind lj-cut. If you're from SA or WA please realise that there is a fairly good chance that you will see spoilers about tv shows if you view this community. If you want a 100% guarantee that you'll never be spoiled - don't come online.

3. Not everyone is going to like the same people or tv shows. Respect that and we'll all get along fine.

4. Feel free to mention ANYTHING as long as it's related to Australian television - Seen a new advert you like ? Curious about a news headline you just missed ? Want to post a news article ? Go for your life.

5. DELETING POSTS/COMMENTS IS AN ABSOLUTE NO-NO. Anyone caught deleting posts/comments will make us go ban_set on your arse.

this community is maintained by alocin, keneally slybeer & fourkicks so if you have any complaints or questions - go bother one of them.

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Have you got a community you want added here ? Feel free to post about it as long as it's tv related!