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July 2013

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beckybecbec in tv_australia

Stupid puzzle

Ok so.

I was suckered into watching one of those stupid dail in game shows last night between drinking and waiting for for the rugby to start (1am to 3am to be precise)

Now this is the stupid puzzle...

(Sorry for the quality... heh)

So the question is - How many litres of beer appear in the box...
Thats EXACTLY how she kept repeating the question
In the picture you can see:
1x 45litre of Lager
1x 35litre of Pilsners
4x 3litre of Beer
and 4x 2litre of Beer

The answer... 319litres...

HOW??!! Its doing our heads in...


but how?
Im still confused...
I only get 100L. *feels like she is missing something somehow*
Yeah I thought the logical 100ltrs (by adding them all up)
Then I thought 20ltrs cause I didnt know if Lager and Pilsner are classified as Beers *slaps head*
Then I thought they may only mean the word... if so... 6 (or 7 if you include the question...)
But 319?!
But how do you figure that?
Umm...dude, it's either this, or Pro-Activ commercials on Channel 10, more infomercials on Channel 9, the weather channel on SBS or something else boring on ABC...

Still, even though it's pretty shit, when I'm awake in the wee hours of 1am-4am, it's nice to have the TV talk to you when you're studying or being an insomniac.
I too wonder how they get their answers sometimes when I happen to watch it.
They never explain HOW they got their answer, it either just disapears after a while of many wrong answers or whenever there actually does happen to be a call in with a correct answer, they never tell you how they came to that answer.

Quizmania used to always explain the reasoning behind their answers, they were much better then this Mint rubbish.

I still think it's ironic a game show (Quizmania) got axed and replaced by a ..wait for it.. game show with the exact same content! Logic please Ch9?


drummer_girl88 - 2007-10-14

"I still think it's ironic a game show (Quizmania) got axed and replaced by a ..wait for it.. game show with the exact same content! Logic please Ch9?"

it's actually just a way for them to make more money you see "the mint" is produced entirely by the nine network whereas quizmania was produced by fremantle media.

i completely agree that quizmania was better, although the prizes were smaller there were more of them and tonnes more people won or even got through, the host were so much more entertaining and didn't just have a close-up of their faces when they just sat there not talking, and their puzzles were at least logical
WTF?!?! i'm confused as hell
I've been sucked into that show before too. A few days ago, there was a "how many cents?" one, and I still dont know the answer. It definitely wasnt the one I came up with. I just looked up their website, hoping to find out how they work their shit out, but they dont have past answers up there.
You know what though, next time I have a party, I'll call them around to turn the 100 litres of beer I buy into 319 litres.
ha ha ha =) i like that! do they convert vodka aswell or is it just beer? =D
oh god ... this brings back awful memories of highschool maths =S Why can't thing be logical and simple?? But now you've got me trying to work it out too =S Argh!!

Ps - The tag monster seems to be back on this post =S

lol i was watching this but managed to tear myself away before the answer. 319L?? Um ok.
they never explain it! :(

I watch this stupid show a lot before I finally pass out

I never get any of their stupid adding puzzles
i figured it out but now cant remember how. Something along the lines of taking the question literally. And adding them individually and as a group:)
unless your photo lied or there was another box, or a different box, there's no way the answer is anything other than 100L.

Pilsners and Lager are classified as beer.

45 + 35 + (4x3) + (4x2).

It's quizmania, they only ask questions so they can get around a legal loophole.
It's a lateral thinking puzzle
no, it's basic addition. It's not a puzzle. Since you seem so sure, maybe you can tell me how to get 319L where there isn't.
They're all lateral thinking puzzles, even the hosts tell you they're lateral thinking puzzles. They're not going to give away $2000 - $5000 every night if all you had to do was add up some numbers. A small child could do that.

Sometimes it has to do with the letters - Roman Numerals, etc. Like "L" for example, which is representative of 50. There's also the word "litres", with "LI", which is representative of 51.

I'll try working it out later.
They are not all lateral thinking puzzles, and you shouldn't believe everything the host tells you. They only ask questions so they can get over the legal loophole - instead of making it a simple game of chance by having anyone call up and randomly giving someone money, they can only award money to a person that gets the "question" right. They can, and do, give away that much money.

I'll try working it out later.

I look forward to it.

solution to your problem

6 * "li" (51) = 306
3.5 + 4.5 + 3 + 2 = 13
306 + 13 = 319 eh voila!
Like, it's so obvious, duh!

Re: solution to your problem

that seems plausible. but dont forget there is an L in Lager and an L in pilsner which would add an extra 100 onto the answer

i came up with my own solution. it seems kind of farfetched but u never know haha

treat the barrels as if the sides are brackets (4 5 litres)(3 5 litres)
so u multiply the brackets out
4x3 + 4x5 + 5x3 + 5x5 = 72

with the beer jugs, make it 3 to the power of 4. 3x3x3x3 = 81
same with the cans 2x2x2x2 = 16

72 + 81 + 16 = 169

so we need another 150...

3 x 35 = 105
1 x 45 = 45

72 + 81 + 16 + 105 + 45 = 319

it's a really farfetched answer and it has no justification behind it and in the end i dont know how i could just times 35 (pilsner) by 3 and 45 (lager) by 1. i gave it so much time and that's all i could think of :S

Re: solution to your problem

works for me ;-) It's really an exercise in creative accounting - which I'm sure is how they work the profits from this show too.

Re: solution to your problem

it's a really farfetched answer and it has no justification behind it and in the end i dont know how i could just times 35 (pilsner) by 3 and 45 (lager) by 1. i gave it so much time and that's all i could think of :S

I came to the answer in a similar way, but I felt it was too far-fetched to justifiably call it the right way to solve it.

Oh, and bigbenhur - your solution seems plausible but applying the method to other "How many litres?" puzzles, it doesn't work. According to them the same methodology is applied in solving all the puzzles.

...But then again it could be just an obscure, fucked up way of getting to the answer as the method...in which case, we're all right.

Re: solution to your problem

There was a picture that showed a
27 litre barrel/keg of Beer
50 litre barrel of Stout,
2 x 4 litre bottles of Pilsener and
2 x 1 litre cans (I suppose they were) of Pale Ale. N

They gave the solution as 292.


I'm not a solution but i jus need to figure something out..

On the large Barrells theres 4 rungs, on the smaller barrel theres 3 rungs.

I think each container is worth a value.

Large Keg 4x
Smaller Keg 3x

If only I could get the rest,,,


So above for the picture...
4x45 = 180
3x35 = 140

That leaves 34, which is plausible from 4x3Litres and 4x2Litres just need to know what math to apply to a can and a schooner glass. obviously the smaller containers may have a different meaning..

In the second example I posted
4x50 = 200
3*27 - 81

Leaving 11
Again you'll need to figure out the meaning for bottle and can..